Do you provide tracking for my fake ID order?

Yes, we do provide a tracking number for all customers who order fake ids form us. Gives you piece of mind and proves it was delivered.

When you pay for upgraded express shipping we use FedEx next day delivery for US customers. Once we ship you will receive an email with the FedEx number shortly after by email.

For our free option we use USPS Priority (use this option for delivery to postal PO boxes). Order arrives in 3-5 days for US customers. This option too provides tracking.

International customers you must choose the express return option for your order. We will use FedEx and arrival times vary depending your location. We will email you tracking and estimated arrival date.

It is exceptionally rare when you provide a valid address for a tracked package to go missing. We can count on one hand how many times this has happened. In the event it does we will make your order again for free. If you provide an invalid address, it is your responsibility to contact FedEx or USPS and pick up at their location or correct the address for re-delivery.