California & Illinois Purchased from


In depth review Legit’s California & Illinois state Fake IDs.

Communication: Told him I would order this bad boy. I place the order. Within 12 hours they sent me an e-mail that your order is ready to be dispatched for shipping. Overall, Their support staff is very friendly & active unlike others who take days to respond.

Pricing: I purchased both California & Illinois Fake ID cards for a nice deal of $270 with express delivery given the fact…. that they shipped it within 4 days the price was worth it and let’s not whine about high prices if you want quality…

Shipping: Ordered on 02/08/17 and received 06/08/17. This was the fastest turn around time for any id vendor in my entire life. I’ve literally purchased 8-9 ummmm.. maybe more than that and waited 2 weeks average even if i ordered express shipping to buy my fake id.

Stealth: It apparently cracked up my girlfriend so I applaud him for that. Never really worry about stealth as long as it gets through customs and his orders always will.

ID Quality: Best thing was the raised laser engraved printing about California & Illinois both. These were so good in quality. I showed both these fake id cards to my friend who has been in the fake ID game for some time & he was surprised to see such good fakes being made in china. The bar codes were as realistic as required & the edges were perfectly round. I wouldn’t doubt that it should pass the bend test flawless!

Photoshop: People love to rip on photoshop and I find it hilarious. Scope my pops’ ID and tell me that dmv pics are always high quality. To be honest, I could have included his ID pic without the censoring and you still wouldn’t be able to recognize his face lol. Scannables Photoshop works, it includes some subtle ear shadows.

Scanning: These fake ids scan & swipe anywhere I’ve tired them so far, be it purchasing beer from stores or going to bars this will work & get you the required result.

Usability: Worked in every store/restaurant/club I’ve been to in San Francisco and Huntington/Newport/Laguna/Los Angeles. I’ve only been questioned once at 1oak in LA and it was just about the feel of the ID, surprised he noticed it felt a little thin but it still worked, just had to wait an extra 10 seconds before I got the green light.

Overall: I give this CA my best recommendation. It will work instate, it will work out of the state. Every thing I critiqued is already being fixed and that can only make it better than it already is. As a whole I give this ID 5 out of 5 stars, literally you will get a Scannable Fake ID from this website & don’t miss your chance.